1. No BuildCraft, IC2, thirsty tanks or GregTech Pumps in the Nether for Lava Pumping, use the ender thermic pump

2. No BuildCraft Quarries

3. Always respect others stuff, builds, and land. This covers magically spells as well. Do not spam lighting spells in others areas

4. Be mindful of your chunkloaders. Turn them off when you are going to be away from the server for periods of time (such as 3 days or more) or are not using that area. Please keep chunkloaders to a minimum. (Only 2 per player on the InfiTech 2 server unless you are not playing on a team, then you may have 3). This is assuming you are using World Anchors. If you choose not to use world anchors you can load a max of 18 chunks per player on a team or 27 if you are on your own.

5. Be mindful of where you build your base. Be sure to leave a lot of space between where you are building and other player's bases. Many of us build huge and span multiple biomes.

6. Do not try to craft the Healing Axe. Doing so will most likely crash your client because it is disabled on all our servers. The server is set to alert an admin whenever an attempt is made to craft one.

7. If you lose your items in the End anywhere outside of the main island (including Soul Bond) they will not be spawned back in even if it could be considered a glitch or from auto-despawns by the server.

8. Keep running water used for "automation" to an absolute minimum

9. Avoid farming with pistons in scale, they cause lag spikes when they fire

10. If you die in space and no player is willing to save you, admins will teleport you back to the overworld, but your items will be lost

11. No mob farms using spikes or other methods that do not use machines or magic to kill the mobs

12. Alchemical Boilers cannot be left with water in its inventory when they are not running (setups found will be deleted without warning)

13. Alchemical Furnaces automated with ender io conduit can only be left on while you are on the server

14. Do not connect alvearies to other alvearies with ender io conduit, logistics pipes or BC pipes 

15. You must obtain permission before creating a Galacticraft Spacestation