InfiTech 2: Fear the Night Edition (Current Server)

This pack is a custom version of Jason McRay's InfiTech 2. We changed out a few mods such as enderzoo and biomesXL then updated all the mods. Recipes have been updated as well as the quest book to work with the newest GregTech 5 u. We reset the end once per month at the start of the month.

To download the pack search InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night on the Twitch Launcher

This pack is also in the Legacy FTB Launcher use code 04800, it will appear in the third party pack section 

To apply to this server click here

       This pack contains the following mods by default:


Scripts have been edited by Aura Fury, if you need support or find a bug please contact us or post in the bug report section of the forums.