We are a Minecraft community dedicated to, well, having fun. Each of us have our things we love to do on our own, whether it be playing with tech/magic mods or building awesome things and we all like to help one another out. We have community events from time to time as well as long term ones such as building a city. All our community events are optional so you could say were pretty laid back. We are more concerned with everyone having a good time on the server. Members of the server are all 18+ and are at various skill levels. Heres our community in a snapshot:

  • Build skill level ranges from beginner to expert
  • Almost all our players are Independent
  • Tech mod skill level ranges from beginner to expert
  • Magic mod skill level ranges from beginner to expert
  • All our servers run custom mod packs maintained by us
  • On going Community Event (currently building a city)
  • Occasional PvP Community Events
  • Independent Players and Team Players
  • Some of us stream on Twitch or are youtubers
  • All our players respect one another, their builds, and stuff

Our gaming community uses Discord for voice chat. You can download discord from here for free